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About Park Home Insulation

It makes sense to ensure your park home is well insulated.

Heat loss can be a problem for all types of buildings, but especially for older park homes that were often manufactured with a rather poor standard of insulation. Added to that, fuel bills in park homes tend to be more expensive than conventional dwellings as they are not connected to mains gas and typically rely on LPG and electricity. That's why it makes sense to ensure that your park home is well insulated to make it fuel efficient and cheaper to keep warm.

Newstyle home improvements ltd. specialise in park home repair, maintenance and refurbishment and a significant part of our work is insulation and cladding which not only vastly improves heat retention but also improves the external appearance of your home and makes it more weatherproof in the process.

Once insulated, you should be able to achieve fuel bill savings of up to 50% and your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in hot weather - on those rare occasions we get it!

All Newstyle home improvements ltd's work is carried out to the highest standards using quality materials and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Thermal Cladding/Insulation

Before - Park Home in need of exterior refurbishment

During - Insulation installed to make it a more efficient, warmer and cheaper to run in the long term

After - with thermal cladding installed to enhance the exterior and provide an efficient and warmer park home with less maintenance required

Thermal Cladding