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Newstyle Home Improvements Ltd: Repairs

We maintain the base of your home to prolong its lifespan for years to come.

We can take care of your chassis and supports, including underfloor insulation.

  • The process includes:
  • Replacing rotten timbers where necessary.
  • Treating and restrengthening the wooden supports.
  • Replace old support jacks with new corrosion restraint jacks.
  • Replacement of floorboards where necessary.
  • Provide under floor insulation using the latest super foil insulation as standard.
  • Clean and treat the steel chassis to prevent corrosion.

Downpipes, also known as down spout or just pipes are what takes water away from your guttering to drains or water butts to ensure that your guttering doesn’t flood and that water doesn’t damage the park home walls and structure.

Similar to our guttering range our downpipes come in a variety of different materials which offers you a full-on rainwater solution in the same material.  By holding a variety of materials and downpipe profiles in stock ensures we have a product to suit all styles of homes.

Discover a guttering system that is built to last with Newstyle Home Improvements Ltd. We can guide you toward seamless aluminium gutter systems combined with uPVC fascia, bargeboards and soffits. This creates a completely maintenance free eaves system.

New Style Park Home are able to repair broken or damaged gutters, as well as replace ruined gutters with spare parts. Our range of shapes and colours regarding our drainage is immense. Hopefully you will find something to suit not only your home, but it''s character.

We also offer a cleaning service for clogged and blocked gutters.

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