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Newstyle Home Improvements Ltd - Exterior Painting

External Painting - Park Homes

Newstyle Home Improvements Ltd provide an external painting service for park homes.

We use a 'resifine' product which is ideal for park homes due to its flexibility. It is ideal for revitalising the exterior of park homes as well as providing added protection.

Resifine is a rich, creamy mixture made up of flexible resins and mineral powders.  It is pigmented with light fast alkali resistant, non-lead pigments and contains mould control additives.

Resifine will bridge linear cracks and minor defects and is excellent for use on primed timber, rough cast concrete, brick, pebble dash, and existing park home textred surfaces.

We apply this coating using a roller and brushes.


This guide gives you an idea of the colours that are available.

There are a wide variety of colours to choose from.

We can help and advise you with your choices.