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Park Home Foundations

The foundation of a park home is the only thing that cannot be replaced.  Park Homes are supported by metal chassis's and a supporting structure.  It is important to have them checked to ensure they are in a good condition, especially as they take the weight of the Park Home.

The condition of the chassis and supports are integral to the functioning they carry out.  They can't be seen from the exterior so a professional survey will help to identify any problems.

Before - Old and Rusty Chassis & Supports

After - New Chassis and New Supports

What to look for ...

It is better to get the experts in to survey the underneath of Park Homes.

The main problems which affect Park Homes is the strength and structure of the chassis and supports.

Rust is the main issue, this can be caused through age or salt air causing the corrosion of the metal supports and metal chassis. Rust weakens the structure and can cause the park home to become unlevel, and in turn unstable, and if left, ultimately the collapse of the Park Home.

Another issue can be the update of the park home itself.  When park homes are refurbished, bringing them up-to-date, internally or externally, any changes could affect the balance and weight of the park home. Therefore, any updating that you require must take into consideration the foundation of the park home and whether or not any further supports are required.

Is the Park Home level?

Do you notice any changes?

Is your Park Home near the coast?

Is the area you live in prone to problems, such as flooding?

Are the floorboards creaking,?

Any doubts, then we can check it out for you.

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Chassis Refurbishment

We remove all the surface rust off the chassis and supporting framework and re-paint with a rust inhibitor paint.

We also replace the chassis and supports with new.

Rust Corroded chassis with new support in place

Rust removed from the chassis and painted with a rust inhibitor



Underworks - Chassis, Coating, & Support Stands

Underfloor Insulation - Park Homes

Park Homes can be quite cold, especially older type models so to bring them up to date and be more efficient and warmer we install underfloor insulation.  It is just as important for the underfloor of the park home to be insulated as well as the external areas of the park home that can be seen. A well insulated park home brings the benefits of warmth and more eco friendly and fuel saving homes.

Heat loss is a problem for any dwelling and having the underfloor insulation, as well as the external insulation installed is more beneficial and economical.

Your fuel bills should be cheaper and your park home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

All our work is carried out to the highest standard, using good quality products and is guaranteed.

Underfloor Insulation